Explore the mouth-watering menu of Cacao Route, the family-owned chocolatier based in Walton on Thames, Surrey UK. From sweet to savoury, indulge in our range of luxury chocolates, hot chocolate drinks, fondues, souffles, waffles and pastries.


Classic Hot Chocolate
NY Marshmallow
Belgium Waffle Ball
Mocha | Double Shot Coffee with Chocolate Cream
Praline | Hazelnut and Almond
English Caramel and Toffee
Cacao Route Orange Breeze
Lotus Biscoff
Swiss Organic Mint Dark Chocolate
Tropical Breeze | Mango Passion Fruit
Aztec Spicy | Chilli, Turmeric or Beetroot
Flavoured White Chocolate |  Ask for Flavour
Reduced Sugar Milk Chocolate
Vegan Dark & Milk Chocolate
Custom Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate of the week
Pure Chocolate Granita
Mocha Frappe
Praline Frappe
English Toffee and Caramel
Banana Milk Chocolate Frappe
Strawberry White Chocolate Float
Tropical White Chocolate Breeze
Matcha Green Tea Frappe
Cookie Frappe (Contains Nuts & Oreos)
Black Coffee
Short Black Espresso | Single/Double
Long Black Americano | Regular/Large 
Turkish Coffee
Coffee with Steamed Milk
Flat White
Latte | Regular/Large
Cappuccino | Regular/Large
Iced Coffee
Iced Latte
Iced cappuccino
Iced Americano
Herbal Tea ( Pot)
English Tea
Lemon Mint Granita
Strawberry Granita
Acai Kick
Berry Bust
Mango Dream
Orange Red
Raspberry Heaven
Organic Red
Pineapple Sunset
Green Reviver
Banana | Strawberry | Chocolate


Chocolate Dip
Served with melted pure chocolate and strawberries.
Chocolate Pizza
Melted pure chocolate, praline, caramel and fruit or marshmallows and ice cream.
Chocolate Fondue
Served with strawberry, banana, marshmallows and waffle/substitute.
Belguim Waffle
Served with drizzle melted chocolate, ice cream, strawberry and banana.

Liege Waffle
Served with drizzle melted chocolate, ice cream, strawberry and banana.
Chocolate Amore
Choice of pure melted chocolate with fresh fruits and topped with whipped cream served in a jar.
Veggie Waffle
Served with avocado, cherry tomato with salsa, creamy spicy.
Alaska Vero
Smoked salmon, lettuce, red onions, herbs with cream cheese.
Mexican Chicken
Served with salads and salsa.
Indulge in Decadence

Unleash Your Chocolate Fantasy

Personalised Creations

Tailored chocolates for every occasion, adding a personal touch to your celebrations.

Premium Ingredients

Select ingredients sourced from the finest suppliers worldwide, ensuring top-quality confections.

Passionate Craftsmanship

Dedicated artisans infuse every creation with love and expertise, guaranteeing a unique chocolate encounter.

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